NFT Release Schedule

Our release schedule will have 2 phases. We will start selling the NFTs of Genesis Collection Part 1 and Genesis Collection Part 2 before the launch of the game. Part 1 will include 11,111 NFTs and around 2,222 skin variants for 5 heroes and after some time, Part 2 will go on sale with skins for the remaining 5 heroes.
The Genesis collection will launch on the Ethereum Blockchain network, and later when the game launches they must be transferred to the Polygon network with all the other game-related assets to be used in the game.
Players who hold genesis collection will receive:
  • A unique skin of the hero that players will be able to use in the game. The only way to get the Hero skins are via the Genesis collection. Players joining the game later will use the default hero skins and will be able to get skins only via the secondary market.
  • Free 5 hero card packs of the hero that the player holds. In case you have multiple heroes you will get 5 hero card packs for each of them. By earning the cards players will have more cards when starting the game which will give them an advantage in the Ranked games.
  • Before the Launch of the game Genesis collection holders will be able to stake their NFTs and earn $SMI. When the game launches players will be able to use $SMI for buying card packs or Arena tickets.
  • Genesis collection holders will also get early access to the Schemes of Ink P2E version.