Card Packs

Card packs are the most accessible way to expand one’s card collection. Card packs and the cards they can yield have season variations i.e. a Season 1 card pack will drop Season 1 cards. Each card pack, when opened, generates 6 cards of varying rarity and types. The rarity drop chance is the following:
  • Common - 50%
  • Rare - 30%
  • Epic - 15%
  • Legendary - 5%
Players can acquire card packs by:
  • Completing the tutorial for the first time
  • Completing Story missions for the first time
  • Participating in the Arena
  • Achieving Ranks for the first time
  • Purchasing from the shop
The game will launch with the necessary amount of cards that the players can acquire and use for deckbuilding. To keep the game fresh, Seasonal releases will be organized. More on this topic in the Seasonssection.