Heroes are key figures in the story who hold a certain level of power and have the ability to change the world for better or worse. The players will take control of one of the 10 heroes, each with their unique set of spells, minions, and powers. Heroes, by default, don’t have the ability to attack enemy minions or the enemy hero, unless special conditions are triggered or they are equipped with a weapon (see Weapons, in Card Type). Each Hero is going to have multiple cosmetic variations that will be represented as NFTs in-game.
The 10 Heroes that the player can play as:
  • Bounty Hunter (Maul)
  • Holy Knight (Minerva)
  • Technomancer (Siege Baron)
  • Astrologer (Iga’Tunglere)
  • Assassin (Egon)
  • Ranger (Giari)
  • Wraith (Sohtahl)
  • Shapeshifter (Vizaya)
  • Bard (Calli)
  • Inkeater
Note* Images of the last 5 heroes will be revealed later.